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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fw: Vote and election 2013

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Fw: PAKISTAN on stake

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 1 day from 2013 election..
Brothers & Sisters we have PAKISTAN on stake.
 We have to make a choice, candidates don't matter but ultimately it is the leaders of the Party, who shall lead; rest will be mute followers of leader's policy. Do read to bottom.
His Rating
Mr 10 %, then Mr 30 % and during last 5 years confirmed corruption  was to the tune of 15000,000,000,000/-(One thousand and five hundred billion rupees)NO CHANCE OF improvement after the election
A failed leader & obvious weak man. Confirmed liar. Left country when under stress, through written bargain, never agreed to bargaining, had no shame when exposed by Saudis and Syrians on TV. Conspirator and a leader without vision. Nothing bad being rich (Multi-millionaire in 60s to multi billionaire now) but rate of accumulation of personal   wealth far beyond the ratio that poor have gained in Pakistan, under his leadership.
Asfand Yar WALI
Part of the corruption of PPP.  Destroyed Railways and NHA, corruption worth multy multy Billions. Conspirator, Corrupt to the rock bottom.  Have destroyed  institutions in KPK and at the Federal level, just to support Zardari
A known and confirmed fascist, murderer of friends and foes, rapist, corrupt, Part of the corruption in row 1.  Destroyed institutions in Karachi and at the Federal level, just to support Zardari. Without any principles OR  morality
Islami Jamaat
Honest people, well organised but have failed time and again. Not suited for 21st century like to drag the nation back by 1000 years
Frauds of the highest order. Deceitful and canny. Try to gain worldly in the name of religion. Engaged in billions of Corruption. Part of Zardari team and corrupt to the extent as shown on top.
Average intellect and vision. Time & again proved to be an HONEST PERSON. Failed to form a team of the righteous; whereby many opportunists got important positions in his party. Has been able to form a team who have outlined a good programme in nearly all fields. A man of conviction, who has delivered to public interest.
Good leader is a superior statesman and should have high intellect; should be  upright and honest, with leadership qualities and ability to form a zealous group rather than opportunists; full of determination & drive, initiative, energy, assertiveness, perseverance, masculinity, with ability to dominate; has the ability to pursue goals wholeheartedly with ambition, to compete. Should have an analytical mind with ability to communicate; should have behavioural flexibility, and good judgment.  Should be able to formulate solutions & work well under stress or deadlines, adaptable to changing situations, and with ability to create well-thought-out plans, self-assured for the future.
 I applied these criteria and have given numbers as above. I just could not give +100 to IMRAN KHAN and have given him +65. Now it is upto us whether we like to vote for -100 to-50 or +65.
Pakistan is at stake, we are all personally at stake, our children and our future is at stake.
REACH OUT to at least 1000 people in the cities, or as far  as we  can travel into the remote areas. Talk to people who are not part of Imran Khan's Team and convince them.
Teach how to convince voters of other parties to revert to Imran Khan
E-MAIL  to all Stop talking about Ch Iftikhar/Riaz Malik/ Musharraf for a week and spread the message for Pakistan. We shall re-start on these topics after the election.
Contribute money (ESPECIALLY PAKISTANIs abroad) to the poorer volunteers of Imran Khan so that they can travel. Rs 1000/- are enough for 10 volunteers to go & meet about 25-30 voters
 Send this E-mail (modify if you like) to every PAKISTANI's e-mail, YOU HAVE.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fw: The current generation X of idiots.

The day that Albert Einstein most feared may have finally arrived.. 

A day at the beach. 

Cheering on your team. 

Having dinner out with your friends.. 

Out on an intimate date. 

Having a conversation with your BFF 

A visit to the museum 

Enjoying the sights 

It's here Albert.