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Friday, July 10, 2009

Muslim woman killed in a German court

Speak as God is watching you, and tell me who is TERRORIST?????

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


This news is an extremely saddening news. A German man stabbed a pregnant Muslim sister 18 times in a German court and critically injured her husband as he tried to save her, in front of his child. This is outrageous! How can a person attack two people so viciously, in a courtroom, while the guards keep watching? This is beyond my comprehension.


Did you see this news on Geo, ARY, Al-Arabiyah or on any other news channel? If so, how much coverage did it get? What is wrong here?! They have all the time and resources to mourn a dead psycho singer and show fabricated videos defaming us, sabotaging our peace and security while this appalling news goes uncovered?! For whom are our news people working for? Is our media the fourth pillar of our state or the fifth column of the enemy? What is worth of our blood? 


The following links will give you the details. Please forward this to everyone you know.



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