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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Request for Help

Dear all group members,


I am forwarding you all member of group a help request.  If any boday can do anything please come forward and do the needful for this young baby..  I am also enclosing the pictures of this baby for your ready reference.

Please find below the request.
Regards / Admin - JoinPakistan


Request for Help


This picture is of a little boy Noor Hussain, who has been diagnosed with a fatal disease of RTA, Renal Tubular Acidosis in his infancy. This is a hereditary conditioning in which kidneys are unable to excrete acid from the body resulting in serious consequences, such as growth failure and ultimately renal failure. Noor is currently going under treatment in the Children Hospital, Lahore Pakistan.

Noor's father, Naveed Hussain, doesn't have the financial strength to support this treatment on his own. Noor's elder brother also died because of the same disease and now his father is determined to mobilize all of his efforts, and in doing so, humbly requests all of you to help him in saving the life of his new born kid, Noor Hussain.

Below please find the contact details of Naveed Husain and the bank account number where the money could be deposited:

Address: Block No. 26, House No. 9, New Military Barracks, Mughal Pura, Lahore, Pakistan

Mobile Number : ++92 - 321 418 6423

Bank Details : Muslim Commercial Bank, Shadman Branch, Lahore

Account Number : 8748-3


Swift Code: 0776

For more details, you can alway send email to Mr. Naveed Hussain (Father of Noor Hussain) at:



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