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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Appeal for immediate help

----- Original Message -----

Salam All

Bellow is an appeal for help for a young man (who I know through a friend), he needs an immediate kidney transplant, it is a deserving man, worth of our charity deeds, I would appreciate help from any friend in any shape or form.

To help in an orderly way, whatever you wish to do directly or indirectly please keep me informed.


Fayyaz ur Rahman
0044-788 40 50 700

Asslam O Alekum

My nephew Muhammad Azeem about 30-years old is suffering from both kidney failures. He is under treatment in Allied Hospital, Faisalabad, Bed 15, Medical Ward 2. Dialysis has been done and Doctors suggested immediate kidney transplant, from a blood relatives or from any donors.

Patient's mother has agreed to donate to save the life of her first and beloved child, procedural tests have completed and doctors agreed, but all this exercise involves intimately Rs 200,000 to 250,000, which they can not afford. The family is very poor; their monthly income is about Rs 7000. His helpless parents said me yesterday that we know our son is passing day by day but we can not do anything except DUA.

So, in the circumstances, you are hereby begged to please do something to save the life of a father of 4-childrens. I do not know how you would like to help, but whatever method you adopt will be highly appreciated. You don't have to give cash, instead, Please please please arrange for his kidney transplant by whatever way possible. MAY GOD GIVE YOU AJR FOR THIS.

Jazaak Allah Khair

Shakeel Ahmad Baig
10-Raza Town, East Canal Road, Faisalabad.
Cell 0301 8665828, Office Tel 041 8719893, 041 8541328
Home Tel No. 041 8522669, Fax No 041 8731663

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