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Thursday, April 21, 2011

FW: [UETians] Help the Abducted Pakistanis

----- Original Message -----

As received. I checked the account through my online banking website  & the details are matched.


Yours sincerely


Mr Kashif Javade Meer
Deputy Manager Procurement 
Presson Descon International Private Limited.
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Lahore, Pakistan
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-----Original Message-----

From: Muhammad Farooq Khurram

Sent:  21/04/2011 11:14:07 am

Subject:  [UETians] Help the Abducted Pakistanis


Dear Uetian




As u all know the role of our government in every aspect of our life. As

always government is doing nothing for abducted Pakistanis by Somalian



The families of abducted Pakistanis are continuously making appeals to the

government but so far no progress has been made other than "negotiations and



In yesterday's Cross fire show of dunya tv a 09 years old girl (Daughter of

abducted Pakistani) is asking help from nation. No one can't see her tears

and broken voice.


Be noted that Indian have already arranged money for their abducted people.


A first Muslim nuclear state is only delaying the matter and even not able

to release their people.




Somalian pirates are demanding Rs. 60 Million and given short deadline for

their lives. If 0.6 Million Pakistani deposit only Rs.100 it would be

sufficient for the release of abducted Pakistani. Although this amount can

be paid by UETIANS only and we all believe that no Muhammad Bin Qasim will

come for their help.




You people are requested to deposit as much as u can in the account

mentioned below




Bank Al Habib Buffer Zone Branch Karachi


In the name of Durdana wasi/Aisha


Account # 1066-0081-009278-01-9



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