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Monday, March 7, 2011

New revolution never come in Pakistan

----- Original Message -----
From: SBK

New revolution coming in Pakistan


In Pakistan new revolution is never come because the Pakistan have no nation who fight for Pakistan freedom, everyone is sleeping, selfish and corrupted in Pakistan expect poor people.


When Pakistani peoples comes protest on roads

v     On political call

v     On American call

v     Anyone kill their family member

v     Thief takes their salary payment / cash then protest

v     Thief takes take their car on gun point

v     Thief takes take their mobile on gun point

v     Thief takes kidnap their children for money

v     Anyone rap their family member ladies

v     Dispute in properties going in court

v     Any Polices issue going in Pakistan media and protest

v     Target killing and deaths

v     Any one kill in Bomb Blast they protest

v     Land mafia problems

v     All Political parties' workers take money from shops monthly basis in Karachi

v     Hospitals and clinic issues they kill their children's and kidnap also.

v     Economic crisis, petrol crisis, food crisis, sugar crisis, electricity crisis, gas crisis, target killing crisis, educational crisis.


Pakistani government is look like Indian movies/drama,


Good morning Time at 12:00 pm sleeping time 6:00 am


If any one have kill in bomb blast, accident, target killing and etc the Muslim of Pakistan thinking:


"The man who kill in accident not belong to us why we go protest for him then time going same condition is coming for their family now they are protest in road why?"


Why no one stand protest for Pakistan in one platform today, Pakistan in economy crisis and 500 % corruption and President of Pakistan and crime minister of Pakistan pay corruption money all political parties separately from 3 years it while government is still alive in Pakistan.


Daily 250 peoples death average in Pakistan only 10 to 20 comes on news.


Suggestion for obama (President of USA )

Obama if you are like Asif ali zardari give him 3 months only government of USA then see what happening in America economy.

All political parties are corrupted in Pakistan they try to destroy Pakistan economy but still running.


Asif ali Zardari give land lot of Pakistan to American government and take million dollar monthly basis today American land lot in every city of Pakistan 25%


Handover Raymond Davis to peoples of Pakistan . Raymond Davis is terrorists of Pakistan / release afia siddiqui.


New government in Pakistan providence

Sindh providence government hand over to Pakistan Navy

Balochistan and NWFP government hand over to Pakistan Army

Punjab government hand over to Pakistan Air force

Pakistan Police department hand over to Pakistan Army for stop corruption in Pakistan


Second suggest

Distribution of government department in all political parties of Pakistan If they are sincere to development

This time in Pakistan there is no political parties who developed Pakistan every one is corrupted and non Muslim worship parties.


In Pakistan there is four powers

Pakistan Supreme court / Workers

Pakistani Army

Political Parties

Pakistani Media


Peoples of Pakistan No value because they work for their family only no one work for develop Pakistan and stop corruption if Government increases prices of any items of living they have no protest all hijack their lives in home and living like dead bodies.


Government of Pakistan provides all tension creates for peoples and gives all facilities of sleeping in their homes.


American government and American army / workers are full authorized to kill Pakistani peoples without hesitation with support of Government of Pakistan and Pakistan political parties. 


Peoples of Pakistan stand up before u will die and going last destination. Every one is die in this world all money is here in this world


Copy me In your emails / my post reply


Best regards


Power of Nations

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